Citate Forms

As all the time thankful on your assist mates! They've managed to impress with assist from the likes of bbc introducing, ray keith, brockie, kenny ken, ballistik, neil dangerous boy and many more. It will have you woke inside seconds. We will do our greatest to carry you new and fresh vibes further. It's also possible to discover them on the decks with their combine collection 'mechanized periods' showcasing what drum and bass has to offer across the spectrum, with a rigorously picked selection of tracks that fit best together. Rough! Concludes with the fearsome stomper, and it is obvious from the get go that stimpy has saved the most effective for final. Russian drum & bass producer stimpy has been building a popularity over the past few years. Since linking up with citate types, stimpy has gained even greater exposure for his exhausting hitting but soulful slices of d&b and for the fifth anniversary, the label are releasing his new ep entitled rough!

There are future plans to launch a collection of mixes and podcasts from label artists and thematic club parties in russia, significantly in mosccow. Began in 2015 by two home russian drum & bass artists, pavel noulan & kirill kelayx, citate types hopes to launch music of many different types of drum & bass. Kelayx and noulan want the laidback model of drum & bass - liquid funk. His style of drum & bass incorporates a variety of influences and ranges from the stomp of neurofunk to even more energetic tracks. Based mostly in adelaide, adrian has amassed a big and different catalogue of releases under various aliases including the manuel portio, miles finish, need for mirrors lambo Kamuku & atomitek with genres starting from home and disco to drum & bass. Lunabass is the solo challenge of australian producer adrian whalland. Sublimit 2013 saw the start of sublimit, formed by two enthusiastic solo dj’s/producers, karl finlay & liam baxter, eager to hone in on their expertise and improve by collaborating with other local artists.

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